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State Of Emergency Tab

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State of Emergency
by Cactus World News

Chords used by lead guitar:
Em(both fret 1 & 7), A(5th), Bm(7th), C(8th)

Open chords used by rhythm guitar:
Em Bm A C G

Guitar riffs:

(∫ indicates slightly arpeggiated chord strum)
	 Em	  Em			Bm			  A
E ---0----0-------------7-------------5-----------|
B ---0----0-------------7-------------5-----------|
G ---9----9-------------7-------------6-----------|
D ---9----9----9--------9----9--------7----9------|
A ---7----7--7---10-9---9--7---10-9---7--7---10-9-|
E -0-0--0-0-----------7-7-----------5-5-----------| (repeats)
     ∫    ∫             ∫             ∫

E -------------------10-10-10-10-10----------------------------------7-----7-7------|
B -8-8---7--8-8---7------------------8-8---7-10-10-10-10-10--8-8---7---7-7-----7-7--|
G -----7--------7------------------------7-----------------------7------------------|
D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

A time of change, a time to rest
Em								A
Bolt up the windows, dig in hard shoulder
Then come out, to give yourself, 
A                           Em			Em
to give yourself a fighting chance

I've seen those eyes, I know that face
So many search for a resting place
Just give me your word, that's all I need
Em									          A
No time to lose, I've wasted too much already
A							      A	      Em         Em
Making plans by the ninety, taking action by the new time

   C                      C			                  Em
E -8--8-8-8---------------8--8-8-8------------------0-|
B -8-------10-10-8-8------8-------10-10-8-8s7-7-----0-|
G -9-----------------9-9--9---------------------7-9-9-|
D -10---------------------10------------------------9-|
A -10---------------------10------------------------7-|
E -8----------------------8-------------------------0-|
   ∫                      ∫                         ∫

The lonely search in the silent halls
Hunters prowl around wounded in the night
A					      A
By an unknown enemy, who runs them down
A 							         Em		Em
By wearing a hundred different masks

With darkness closing all around
Your light is small but let it shine
          A 			  A		      A	
That much brighter, everytime, everytime
A                   Em		Em
Everytime I look to you

   C                      C						    Em
E -8--8-8-8---------------8--8-8-8------------------0-|
B -8-------10-10-8-8------8-------10-10-8-8s7-7-----0-|
G -9-----------------9-9--9---------------------7-9-9-|
D -10---------------------10------------------------9-|
A -10---------------------10------------------------7-|
E -8----------------------8-------------------------0-| (repeats)
   ∫                      ∫                         ∫

E -7-7-7-7---------------7-7-7-7------------------|
B ---------8-10-7-8---7----------8-10-7-8---7-----|
G ------------------9---------------------9---7-9-|
D ------------------------------------------------|
A ------------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------| (repeats)

E -----------------|
B -----------------|
G -7-7p9-9-7-7-9-9-|
D -----------------|
A -----------------|
E -----------------| (repeat a few times before launching into next riff/solo)

E ----||---------7---7---7--------------7---7---7-||
B ----||---3-2-8---8---8------3-2-3-2-8---8---8---||
G -9s-||------------------------------------------||
D ----||-2------------------2---------------------||
A ----||------------------------------------------||
E ----||------------------------------------------|| (repeats over chord progression Em G A below)

Em					      G		   A
Urgent embrace and a love that calls
Em					       G	 A	        Em 
Throw away the old -- and greet the emergency
	  G			   A	   Em			    
With all you've got, with all you can give
G	  					A
Greet it with all that you have got

Em  G A
Em  G A 
Em  G A
Em  G A

Em						  G		 		  A
The time has come -- the time is right
Em						  G		 		  A
The time has come -- the time is right
Em						  G		 		  A
The time has come -- the time is right
Em						  G		 		  A
The time has come -- the time is right

Em  G A
Em  G A (retard here)

(I took some liberties here to give it a definite ending)
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