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Desert Island Questionnaire Chords

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Desert Island Questionnaire (Upside Down Mountain, 2014)

Standard Tuning

Chords Used:
G         - 320003
G/B       - x20002
C         - X32010
D         - XX0232
Em        - 022000
Am        - x02210

I tabbed out the intro riff as well since it comes back to tie all the verses together. The xxxxxx chords are 
rakes; just lightly mute the strings with your fretting hand and them strum for the amount of beats.

Listen to the recording for the strumming pattern. 

[Intro] Riff:
    Gadd9    G                Gmaj7          G  Gadd9   Gadd9    G                Gmaj7

Say that you were stranded on a desert island
G                                                G/B C
What books you gonna bring what friends would tag along
Say you had a month and you knew you were dying
How would you spend your time
G                        G/B C
What goodbyes would take too long
You don't like this game and you take exception
D                                         Em
Who wants all this trouble even hypothetical
With the charging sky above
Am                              D
And the ground below that could swallow everyone

Intro Riff

Staring at your phone at another party
G                                       G/B C
Spend a lot on clothes got a lot of skin to show
People in the pool like the drowning army
G                                     G/B C
The smoke alarm emotes and the hotel lobby glows
Wish that you can dance but you've got no partner
D                                                        Em
Keep tapping on your glass because you want to make a toast
To the ennui of our times
Am                    D
To the selfishness in everyone you know

G    D     Em

C                              D
Made a lot of friends but they can't be trusted
G                        D/F# Em
Don't know what their angle   is
C                          D
Post up at the bar and I'm double fisting
G               D/F# Em
Talking to a mannequin
C                                  D
I don't know what it means when he takes my pulse
    G                   D/F# Em
And says that I'm a lot like him
C                                       D
I say that's fair enough that's why I'm trying to loosen up

Intro Riff

Every lunatic must be well intentioned
G                                    G/B C
Sets himself apart he's an instrument of god
Took her from the playground to the farmhouse cellar
G                                             G/B C
Kissed her while he killed her like a good Samaritan
They finally found her body many Autumns after
D                                             Em
Interviewed her mother who said she'd now be 21
And although we lost her young
Am                         D
I know the good lord has a plan for all of us

G     D     Em

C                            D
Mormons at the door they look clean and handsome
G                  D/F#  Em
Always have a good sales pitch
C                                       D
Your little sisters swears she can paint my aura
G                     D/F# Em
But I can't take her serious
Need something to blame
         D               G                  D/F# Em
For this human nature, is that what this condition is?
C                                 D
I'm so bored with my life but I'm still afraid to die
C                         D
Everyone's asleep in this burning building
G                        D/F# Em
And I can't wake them up in time
C                       D
You go on ahead I'll be right behind you
G                    D/F# Em
I'm headed to the finish line
        C                            D
I can't get closer until this is over

Intro Riff

Pretend that you were stranded on a desert island
G                                                  G/B C
What would be the message that you'd spell out for the plane
Say the engine failed when that plane was flying
G                                              G/B C
If you were the pilot would you curse or would you pray
No one's gonna cry at this John Doe funeral
D                                     Em
Not a lot to say did it even have a name
Light a candle just in case he was someone's friend
Am         D
Throw some flowers on the grave

Outro Riff:
    Gadd9    G                Gmaj7          G  Gadd9   Gadd9    G                Gmaj7
D|--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--x-x--4--4--4--4--4--0--0--x-x--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--x-x--4---let ring---------------|


| x  Dead note

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0 reply
irygallo 10 Jun 22, 2014 04:45 PM

This is really a great tab but i think conor plays this in the Key of C, I might be wrong i just saw videos of him play this live and i think it is in C not G, but otherwise the tab is great :3

+1 reply
Guitar_Bob 189 Jun 23, 2014 05:08 PM

I checked out a couple live versions on youtube and he's definitely playing in C which makes the intro progression Cadd9, C, Cmaj7, which would be a lot easier to play with the open chord shapes.

However, the tone is still a G chord meaning that the guitar he uses for this song is most likely tuned to BEADF#B or "baritone tuning" and then he plays in C (which transposes to G in standard tuning).

I'll stick with these chords and standard tuning though since tuning that low usually causes a ton of string buzz and the shapes aren't hard to play in G (plus no barre chords).

0 reply
irygallo 10 Jun 23, 2014 05:09 PM

Ah right, i played it using the key of G and it sounded great, I just wondered whether it was the right key, thanks for the reply, its a great tab :)

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