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Europe album chords

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There is no strumming pattern for this song yet. and get +5 IQ
Hey there! I'm a huge Ghost Mice fan, and particularly love the album Europe, which I've always felt was
sorely under-represented anywhere you can find tabs of theirs. Now, I'm not an musical expert by any means. 
My fingers are short, stubby, and fat, and I do not possess the ability to play any stringed instruments. 
However, using a combination of Chordify and my own Accordion (which I have a very rudimentary understanding
of), I've managed to basically chord out the entire album by hand. I'll be typing them all up over the next
few days provided I don't start procrastinating. It sounds right for the most part when I
play it myself, but if there are any changes worth noting or mistakes that I've missed, please feel free to 
change them!  

For the first track on the Diary Entry-style album, England, I think I've managed to get everything out
pretty well. The only small issue I've run into is that Bm and F#m are somewhat similar sounding, and it's
difficult to figure out which one goes where, so if you find a particular line not sounding right for 
either of those chords, try playing the other in its place. 




We got off the plane in the cold, cold rain
Lost track of the hour, lost track of the day
    D                         Bm
We were very far away from anywhere we'd been before
We got on a bus and we went to the city
Got off at a stop because we liked the name
We were in for an adventure
And that's all we knew for sure

        D               Bm                E
And we walked until we couldn't walk no more
D                      E
Jet lag and sore feet led us to the door
Of an expensive noisy bed
Where we could rest our heavy heads

We slept away the rest of the day
    Bm            E
And well into the night
       A                 E        D
And we woke up with a hunger for life
Well before the sun rised

We didn't have money to ride the underground
So we walked through miles and miles of this town
When night fell like a rock we realized
        Bm                  E            A
We were never gonna find a patch of open ground
And the rain was comin' down
And the trains were shuttin' down
We were worn out, wet and lost
There was no shelter to be found

A - D - Bm - A - F#m - D - E

We spent over a week of our budget
On a taxi and a bed
And we made plans at night to escape
     Bm            E
This expensive wonderland

We would set out for the wild
We would see what was beyond
We would sleep above the soil
              F#m           E
And we would travel by our thumbs

    D                E
And written above my hostel bed
   A               F#m
In black marker it said
"There's a light
         E         A
And it never goes out"

We didn't have a clue what we were doin'
We didn't even know where we wanted to go
The next day we took the tube all the way
   F#m                  E
Out to the end of the line

It took us five hours to find a place to stand
And we stuck out our thumbs, we raised our hands
It was rainin' hard again
    Bm               E
But we were not surprised

 D                   F#m
No one wants to pick you up
When you're soakin' wet
     D                   F#m
It was hard not havin' second thoughts
About goin' on this trip

    D                        A
And we ate the rest of our hostel bread
       D                 A
Under a dark, damp underpass
     D                 A
We watched the cars go past
     D               A
The sun was sinking fast

        D              A
But salvation came at last
      D               A 
In a little blue hatchback
        E                            A
And he took us a few miles down the road

The day was almost over
It was hard not to give in
We had made it outta the city
                       Bm                    E
We were thinkin' about givin' up and settin' up our tent

But a Jeep pulled over then
And he told us to get in
He said his name was Nick
             Bm                E
Right away he felt just like a friend

       D               E
And he took us to some land
       A                  F#m
Where some people live on buses
D                      E
Invited us to stay the night
    A             F#m
And we could not refuse

   D                 E
We got a bus of our own
     A                  F#m
And it had a soft, warm bed
    D              E
We built a little fire
       A                 F#m
And we dried our soaking shoes

       D              E
And we slept, yeah we slept
Just like little babies

The next day at Stonehenge
We couldn't afford to get in
We thought it would be free,
           Bm                E
We were surprised to see the fence

This day would set the theme
Of this trip for you and me
We could pay to see the sights of Europe
   Bm                 E
Or we could choose to eat

       D                          E
And we pressed on to an old Roman city
       A              F#m
And we made it before night
   D                          E
We broke down and bought some fries
     A               F#m
Just so we could get dry

    D         A     D        A     D        A
And curse the sky, curse the sky, curse the sky
   E             A 
It rains all the time

We found a spot to pitch our tent
It was our first night in it
The rain soaked in, the ground was cold
   Bm            E
It sank into my bones

          A          E             D
And we decided that it was way too cold
                      F#m               E
To keep goin' the way we had planned to go
    A                         E
And that night we agreed that we would turn around
     D                                  F#m             E
We'd head for warmer ground, we'd start makin' our way south

        D         E              A              F#m
Oh you can't get lost if you've got no place to go
    D                   E             A               F#m
You can't take a wrong turn if you're not on your way home
         D                E              A
And we realized just how free we really were


This second song is incredibly easy, since it's literally just G - D - C - G 
for the entire song and then D - G at the end of each few verses. 
That being said, I personally always find it obnoxious whenever 
a guitar tab is literally just the lyrics with a few chords at the top though, 
so for the sake of not having put one of THOSE tabs on the site, I'll map 
it all out here.



"English Channel"

We turned around, we were headin' south
We were tryin' to get off the island
Wishin' for a sky without any clouds
With a big nice bright sun shinin'

We found a spot in a soggy swamp
And set up our tiny tent
Our feet were wet again
But we were gettin' used to it

              D      G
Our feet were always wet

A man drove by in a silver car
With a mean look on his face
He looked at us in the rear-view
And then he hit the breaks

We walked up to the open window
Not knowin' what to think
But he wanted to know where we were goin'
And see if it was on his way

We told him we were goin' to Dover
And hopefully over to France that night
He said, "So am I, hop in
And I'll give you a ride"

            D      G
And we were on our way

He said he stopped to pick us up
Because we looked so out of luck
He was havin' a bad day too
But he thought we had him beat

It was his philosophy that if you see
Someone in a worse way than you
It's your ethical obligation
To stop and see what you can do

            D                G
I wish everyone thought that too

He asked if we had our tickets
And when our boat would leave
We confessed we didn't know that yet
And we'd get there then we'd see

He said, "You should just ride with me
Because passengers ride free
It takes a couple of hours
And I could use the company"

         D            G
So could we, so could we

But he was goin' to Belgium
And we were goin' to France
But we decided to change our plans
'Cause you don't pass up a chance like that

We got there late and he was pissed
That he missed the hovercraft
If he'd have to take the slow boat
Then he would ride first class

        D                G
Our bad luck was gone at last

We got to the lonely lobby
And we filled our packs with snacks
They were free, those pastries
And those drinks would weight our backs

He could see our hesitation
We were concerned about bein' rude
He said, "Take as much as you can hold, kids
I was once like you

       D          G
I have been there too"

We got aboard the ferry
And they took us to our seats
Which were basically in a nice restaurant
And it looked like we were gonna get to eat

They brought us priceless menus
And they brought us more drinks
We were the only dirty kids there
With our big backpacks and stinky feet

So we ate our three-course meal
And talked to our new-found friend
We told him about the music we played
He was an electrician

He asked where we planned to sleep that night
We said we had no clue
He said, "I'll drop you off by the side of the road
That's what I used to do

      D         G
I was once like you"


Third on the list of this album is Belgium, home of the delicious waffle. This one is also relatively
straightforward. note that the last verse, starting with "Hung around for a few days" is played 
by lightly strumming and, uh, barring? Is that the word?   I do not know much about music or the notation 
thereof, I'm just a big Ghost Mice fan, so forgive me if I'm saying that wrong. I don't know. 

You'll figure it out. 




A                  F#
We arrived really late at night
        E                             D
And we found a place to sleep under a small patch of trees
   A                 F#
We didn't set up our tent that night
         E                      D
We just put sleeping bags right down in the weeds

    A                     F#
The ground was covered in thorns
         E                      D
But the ground was dry and the ground was warm
    A                         F#
And we could see the stars at night
      E             D                 E   
So we knew we'd be alri-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ight

A                      F#
I heard some footsteps approaching the fence
     E                           D
So I picked my head up to get a look at it
          A                F#
It was the most monstrous cow I'd ever seen
      E                         D
With eyes like a devil burnin' straight into me

      A                F#
And I knew that if it could
         E                        D
It would hop over that fence and crush us with its hoofs
      A                    F#
And I knew that we were in deep
             E                          D                          E
Eighty days left, I'm glad that you are here with me-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e

   A                F#
We woke up the next morning to discover
     E              D
Our true enemy was beneath us the whole time
           A                  F#
There were slugs all over our sleeping bags
     E                                D
And everywhere they went they left a trail of slime

        A                       F#
And we packed up our things, we walked into town
       E                          D
Into a town I'd never heard of before
        A                  F#
We ate fries in a Medieval market,
Of thousands of sauces
  D                 A
I chose ketchup of course
D     A    D    A     D     A     D   A 
Of course, of course, of course, of cour-

 A                 E             D 
Hung around for a few days then headed out
        A                              E
On our way we got dropped off without wanting to be
        D                              A
In the city where most of the world's diamonds are made
But the city of treasures and sparkly things

        D                      A
Didn't hold many splendors for you and me,
                              E                     D                   A
Just mean old ladies in the McDonalds bathroom that wanted us to pay to pee

On our forth stop in this continent-spanning trip, we go to Holland, where Chris Clavin and Hannah Jones
took a trip to without thinking that they might want to bring along some money for weed. Spoiler: Things 
turned out alright in the end. 

The second-to-last verse is sung without playing the accompanied chords, and has been left without them. 




G - G - G - G - A - A - A

             D              E
We were the cliche American backpackers
G                                        D
Standing on the side of the road in the rain
         E              G
With our cardboard sign written in black sharpie
          D  A     G
That read Am-ster-dam
                 D  A    G
We were going to Am-ster-dam

      D                         E
So we weren't surprised by the looks in the eyes
Of the people in their cars when they passed us by
         D                  E
And they gave us the middle finger
Or the thumbs up or thumbs down

    D                   E
But we stayed tough, we stood our ground
And by the end of the afternoon
       D                  E              G
We got dropped off in the middle of this town

    A                                G
Now everyone will tell you 'bout the coffee shops
    A                                G
And everyone will tell you 'bout the red-light district
        A                           G
But somehow up to now it seems they all forgot to mention
    D                               A
The millions of bikes locked to the millions of bridges
     G                                                     D
That arch up like rainbows to cross the city's millions of canals
                    A                                   G
That run down every street with the houseboats nice and neat
        G                                                     D
And the buildings lean so much you think that they might fall down
Like the rain that day that drove us to a stoop

Ya gotta feel sorry for all the hippies
That came here in the '60s
Now they don't know who they are
We watched one of them playin' flute

He was tryin' to earn some change
                        Bm             G
We had spent all of our money for that day
        Bm                       G
We grew hungry and the rain just came and came

    Bm                    G
And oh how I wished I had some of those fries
         Bm                           G
That the people were eating when they passed us by
      A                    G
And I closed my eyes for a minute or two
  A                     G
I opened them up when I got a nudge from you
A                         G
There was the hippie, the one with the flute,
A                               G
And holding in his hands was my wish come true
       D                   G
And he handed me the whole thing
         A                          G
And this whole interaction felt was more like a dream
       D                  G
He was readin' my mind it seemed
       A                                       G
Like a genie granting wishes for people on the street
       D                            G
And we never could have thanked him enough
  A                                 G
I don't know if he knew how much it meant to us

    D                       A
And that night in a tent we counted all our money
       G                             D
And we figured out how long we could stay
    D                            A
The way it looked to me we could live here forever
G                               D
Sleep in the campground, eat falafel every day
           Bm                       A
But that's not what we came here to do
       D                    G
We had so much more left to see
    D                         A
And though this place felt so nice
   G                 D
We made our plans to leave

And we went to this park where they had free bikes at the gate

Spent the day riding through the trees and it felt great

We were offered a place to stay on the floor of someone's office

But we chose to sleep beside the interstate

        D                          G
And the sounds of the cars passing by
D               G
Put us right to sleep
D                          G 
Nothin' beats layin' right under the stars
      D                            A               D
And I always feel safe when you're sleepin' beside me


The fifth stop on this vacation takes us to Germany, where Chris and Hannah disobey safety
guidelines (punk), show a disregard for safe highway speeds (very punk), and see a horrifying-sounding
biblical statue (punxxx).


        G                  Em
Back in World War Two, the bombs kept dropping, 
           C                       G
this whole city was smashed to the ground.
        G                    Em
And the orders were given to destroy everything, 
        C                       G
even to bring that beautiful cathedral down.

        Am                  D
But the best bomber pilots, well, 
                            G             C
they all tried it but their aim was never true.
Am                       D
As if the work of God or divine protection, 
             G                              C
or could the men just not do what they were ordered to do.
               G                 D          G     
Could they not do what they were ordered to do.

G                            Em
Today it still stands like a giant tombstone, 
  C                       G
a monument to a time long gone.
       G                           Em
To the old lady beggars with their faces to the ground, 
     C                      G  
it's tall arch doorways are right where they belong. 

        Am                         D
And oh, Hitler, he would have been pissed I guess, 
        G                       C
but I'm glad that the good guys missed.
   Am                                 D      
No matter what you believe or how you feel about churches, 
       G                          C
let me tell you, you really wanna see this.
          G              D            G
You'll be thankful those bombs didn't hit.

        G              D                  C                   G
We went south down the river to where the Rhine and the Basel meet. 
   G                               D
We stood on that small triangle of ground 
           C                          G
where this country was founded on our own two feet.

    Am                         D
And on the way we learned that castles are a lot smaller 
       G                               C
in real life then they are in the fairy tales.
    Am                      D
But that realization didn't stop our fascination 
      G                                      C
as we explored the secret tunnels behind the safety rails.
             G          D      G
As we hopped over those safety rails...

G                     D
We headed East and we crossed the border, 
    C                         G
the border that was no longer there.
       G                    D
And although the fences and walls are long gone, 
    C                           G
the weight of their ghosts hung heavy in the air.
        Am                          D
And the buildings all had different looks on their faces,
          G                    C
they were stern and strong and stout.
      Am                     D
Going 80 on the Audabon will really take you places, 
       G                       C
if you wanna learn history get outta your house.
       G                D          G
If you wanna learn, get outta your house

G                         D              C                 G
And all of the statues of Dresden looked mean and cold and angry.
G                     D               C              G
They've all got black faces that say, "You can never kill me!"
        Am           D                       G              C
And our bus drove by Slaughterhouse 5 on the way to our campground.
   Am                     D                    G                 C
We ended up sleeping in a farmer's field cause two years ago the place was shut down.
Am                        D                       G                C   
We went to the forest and camped a few nights and then we said goodbye
   Am                       D                          G              C
To all the bakeries and the nice young bees that would always give us rides.

        C          D              G
And the train, the train, took us away!


Next up is the always-neutral country of Switzerland, where our intrepid heroes climb a mountain and, in
a spiritual awakening on its summit, forsake their normal ambrosia of sliced, fried potatoes and give 
legumes a shot instead. They also encounter and photograph a bunch of baby sheep, one of which is used as the
cover art for the album. 




E - A - B - E

Looking out the foggy window of the train it seemed insane,
The rain was comin' down so fast it couldn't make it in the drains
            B                   A              B              A 
And all the roads had turned to rivers and the stairs to waterfalls.

        B            A                     B            A
All the buildings in Zurich had great graffiti on their walls
        E                            A                     E
We only saw it for a second when the lightning bolts would strike
E                                  A                           B       A
The city had no power; there was a monster in the sky blocking out the sunlight
       B                    A      B      E
It was hard to tell whether it was day or night

         B                     A                B                A
When our train pulled into the station, we were happy just to be alive
       B                       A
We had made it on time and the storm had surrendered
   B                      A
We set up our tent in the victorious sunlight
       E                       A
And we walked into town and we looked around
   B                             A
We stared through the windows at Swiss army knives

        E                       A
We were in a deep valley in the middle of two lakes
         B                              A
With the mighty mystic mountains rising up on each side
       A                       B                 E                        A
And we slept that night and we dreamed about the climb that we were gonna make
      A                    B                         E                          A
Cause life's not about the stuff that you have; it's more about the chances you take
E                   B           E
It's more about the chances you take.

          E           B              A               E
We bought two cans of beans, one for you and one for me,
      E              B           A            E
And a bag of peanuts too then we laced up our boots
                B             A             E
We hiked up the hills passing ponies on the way
                   B                    A              E
Stoppin', reachin' through the fence to feed them some hay

E                     B             A                  E
Now the trees grew so thick that we couldn't see their tops
E                      B                 A             E
As we twisted like the roots through the rocks and the moss
E                      B             A            E
Coming down around the corner came a herd of baby lambs
E                 B               A           E
I swear I took at least a hundred pictures of them

        B                                 A
When we made it out of the trees and back into the light
         B                          A
We could see we were gettin' pretty close to the sky
          B            A
Under our feet perfect blue, pink, and white
         B                  A
Were the smallest, sweetest edelweiss

    E                               B
And Gandalf would have been a great guide
       E             B        A
As the trail we were trusting hugged the mountainside
E                      B
Deep down below in the ice and the snow
    A                             E
The river cut a gorge through the rock like a knife

E                                   B                A             E
And we could see the spot where the giant pushed his feet into the stone
E                          B        A                  E
And kept the mountain from fallin', saving the village below
E              B          A
And the crows, the crows, came to say hello
     E                  B             A                E
They laughed at you and me; they said we were way too slow
E          B                  A                E
The crows, the crows, without effort, sank and rose
E                       B
They laughed at you and me
B              A              E
They sang that we should have flown

When we got up to the top we had to stop cause there was nowhere left to go

And so we ate our beans and we shared our nuts with those big black braggin' crows

We smashed our cans, we put on our packs, and started back on our way home

I liked goin' up better than comin' down but everything comes back down, you know

          E        B        A
Yeah, the sun, the sun will melt away the snow,
        E           B           A
And the rivers, the rivers will flow, 
    E          B                  A          E
the crows, the crows, will sing together and alone
E          B            A               E         B          A
This whole world is our home. They said make this world your home. 

Here's another simple one, using only three repeating chords for the whole song. In this country, the duo
decides to make a change in their diet and eat some thinly-slide potato wedges that have been cooked in 
hot oil, a staple food apparently referred to as "fries." 




G                       D
So there we were in the heart
      C                               G
Where everything that we know got its start
C                 D
Then it all fell apart
       G                     C
Well I guess that's what you get
         C           D        G
When you spread yourself too thin

           G              D
But we had bigger fish to fry
     C                  G
Like findin' a place to sleep at night
  C                 D
I bought a slice of pizza
        G                 C
Just to try and kill some time
          C           D         G 
And for a minute everything was fine

         G             D
We had a number in our notebook
           C               G 
But it was way too late to call
       C          D
It was well after midnight
         G                             C
When our train passed through the city walls
          C         D       G
We didn't know this girl at all

   G              D 
So we got out our travel book
   C              G
To read about the neighborhood
C                   D
Said it wasn't very good
       G               C
But it felt alright to me
      C         D           G
All I wanted to do was go to sleep

      G                 D
So we walked around the corner
       C             G
And we found a cheap motel
   G                D
We knew we couldn't afford it
       C      G      
But we said, "Oh well"

                 C                G  
When you've been on the train all day
         C                 G           
In a big city in a new country
            C              G
You're real tired and it's late
               C              G
Sometimes it's better just to pay

That's the way it goes
Sometimes you know
It'd be okay
D         C      D       G
And after all we were in Rome

     G                  D
Well it had been a long time
      C              G
Since we had slept inside
   C                D
We woke up late the next day
        G               C
And the sun was shining bright
   C                  D                G
We paid our bill, we cried, we went outside

         G                   D
Now they got their bread and circus
            C     G
And I guess so do we
    C                   D
But they got theirs for free
             G                  C
I think that we're bein' ripped off
          C           D            G
We must destroy all empires at any cost

            G             D
When you're standin' in a temple
               C               G
Of a long-gone God it seems so simple
C         D        G              C    
Everybody dies, no matter who you are
          C                     D            G
From far enough away our sun is just another star

        G               D
And the statue of Moses that we saw
    C                         G
Had horns on his head and was eight feet tall
C                  D
Maybe that was the case,
        G                C
No it's not our place to say
C                 D               G
Maybe some things just don't translate

G                 D 
We called up this girl
        C          G
Who had ordered a CD
            C             G
She was the first from Italy
       D              G
And we asked for hospitality
C                 G    C               G
She said we could stay at her parents' place

     C                G
They were so sweet to us
          C              G
It was so nice to meet a punk
She took good care of you and me
She bought us soy ice cream
Her mom cooked dinner every night
          C        D     G
It was so hard for us to leave

G                        D
And the stray dogs of Pompey
C                    G
Were our guides that day
They became our friends,
We were a lot like them
     G              C
They taught us many things
C                            D              G
And all they wanted was some food for their pay

G                   D
Then we went to the coast
          C                  G
Where the roads are wound so close
        C                 D
And the buses bounce from side-to-side
   G                     C
We thought that we might die
C                           D                 G
We couldn't find a place to sleep at all that night

G                    D
The city filled with scooters
        C          G
Held so many mysteries
  G                D
I saw the weirdest thing there
       C               G
That I think I'll ever see
         C                 G
It was a pizza topped with octopus,
  C                 G
A whole arm on each slice

C                   G
But I got my dinner there
         C                 G
It was a pizza topped with fries
And Italy was nice
Made us feel right at home
Our money's in the fountain
       C      D       G
And we will return to Rome

Next up is Spain, home to the shortest song on this album. I've seen that there's another set of chords for
this song already listed, but I've tried them and they didn't seem to fit very well on my accordion. Didn't
sound right at all. This version seems to work a bit better for me, but I'd welcome you to try them both to
hear which one works the best for you. 



C - G - Em - F
C - G - Em - F

       C                            G         Em          F
At the end of the street there is a statue of Christopher Columbus
             C              G            Em                  F
He's got his arms up in the air and he's pointing us towards home
        C              G                   Em                    F
There's people selling pigeons and they're selling squirrels for pets
          C        G           Em          F
There's a tiny toy piano being played by a toad
            C              G             Em                F
And there's parrots in the trees and the beach is blue and green 
        C                    G                Em     F
And the hills are think with plants that we've never seen
           C               G 
And we sat on that bench together
   Em              F
It was the world's largest
 C             G            Em                 F
Bright mosaic tiles crafted by some great dead artist
  C             G        Em          F
And all this is nice and all this is great 
       C                  G              Em          F
But to tell the truth I'm thinking about Bloomington today
     C           G         Em          F
Yes, all this is nice, and all this is great, 
          C                G              Em            F
But to be honest all I can think about is Bloomington today!
C           G         Em          F
Yes, all this is nice, and all this is great, 
          C                G              Em            F
But to be honest all I can think about is Bloomington today!


Okay, this is by far the most difficult song on the album to figure out because a large part of the melody
comes from the flute. I've played around with it a lot, and this is the best I've been able to come up
with, but once again, if anyone else thinks they can figure out something that can be improved about it, 
don't hesitate to make any changes. 




G - Am - C - Am 
G - Am - C - Am 
G - Am - C - Am 
G - Am - C - Am 

G                  Am
Paris isn't that romantic
C                     Am
If you don't have any money
G                     Am
Those cafes aren't so cute to walk by
C           Am
When you're hungry

G                     Am
Our campground on the outskirts of town
    C                      Am
Was all we could afford to do
   G                            Am
We were so sick of bein' in the big cities
    C                  Am
And this one seemed so rude, rude, rude

G                      Am
We mailed home all our huge rolls of film
            G                       Am
And all the change that we couldn't use
   G                              Am  
We bumped into some girls that we knew from Texas
        G                    Am
Saw the Mona Lisa, her smile seemed so cruel

And we used our last ticket to take the train
To a boat on the coast that would take us away
To a place that we hoped
Would be the end of our sorrows

When we got there we were way too late
There was no way we could leave that day
We would have to find a place to stay
And try again tomorrow

We found a secret place to crash
In a bush by the docks

That was filled with trash
   G                                 F
We cleared a spot and we called it a day

And I wished that I brought my guitar
As I looked through the bush

Up at the stars
G                                  F
Fell asleep and got woke up by the rain

   C                           G
We waited on the porch for the doors to open
And we asked the guy if there was any reason hopin'
   C                 G
He said, "Don't give up,
Cross your fingers, wish for luck"

     C                            G
So I cast my spells and I made my curses
Wishin' that a truck would get stuck
         C                   G
And then we could take their place,
And leave France that day.


We now reach the penultimate song, which happens to be one of my favorites on the album, because it's 
actually PLAYED with an accordion, which I've mentioned before is what I used to figure out all these chords.
They should transfer over to stringed instruments well and good. Now, if any of you lucky yahoos out there
actually own an accordion, you can make this song sound the best by alternating the strumming (or button 
presses, rather) between the bass chord and the major chord. It gives it a nice jaunty, pirate-like, 
sea-faring feel. Same feeling as The Mariner's Revenge Song by The Decemberists. 



"Celtic Sea"

A                       D
At the last minute everything was okay
A                              E
We bought our tickets, we were on our way
   A                       D
It cost us six hundred and sixty-six Francs
    A           E       A
But that didn't mean anything

A                     D        
On our way to Ireland on a French boat
    A                 E
And she had a Spanish captain
   A                      D
He welcomed us aboard and told us some jokes
A            E             A
We tried our best to laugh at them

A                         D
He said, "Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no
         A                 E
We can't have any women on here
          A                               D 
Don't you know, don't you know, don't you know, don't you know
A                 E           A
Truckers are like pirates, my dear"

   A                         D
He said not to worry, it was only a joke
    A                   E
And he showed us to our room
    A                    D 
And as I was throwing my pack on the bed
  A           E      A
A man came in behind you

      A                    D
Said, "Hey, little lassie, are you alone?
       A              E
Do you need some company?"
A                  D
Then he saw me and he turned to leave
A         E      A
Sayin' he was sorry

A                      D 
We closed our door and we locked it shut
    A                       E
And jumped up on our fluffy beds
A                           D
Blankets and pillows were a luxury to us,
       A           E          A
We had twenty-four hours with them

   A                       D
The captain he knocked and he woke us up
   A                      E
He told us it was time to eat
         A                                   D
There was cake, there were fries, there were all sorts of drinks
   A               E          A
And then we looked out at the sea

    A                     D   
The waves, the waves, the waves, they rose
A             E
Up, up thirty feet
     A           D    
Then down, down, down they'd go
        A        E          A
And our stomachs started to sink

D - Em - A - Em 
A - Em - D - Em
B - Em - A - Em
A - Em - D - Em
F# - B - E

    A                          D
The captain, the captain, well he saved our lives
   A                       E
He gave us some tiny white pills
A                        D
We went to sleep for the rest of the ride,
     A         E              A
Woke up to the sight of green hills


Time for the final song! It also happens to be one of the most enjoyable ones to play because of how
much you have to switch chords. I'd imagine that this is a lot easier to do on my accordion than it must 
be using an actual guitar, but you folks are good. You'll figure it out. 


               C                             G        Am
It seemed like everything we heard and hoped might be true
         C                                      Am  F
We got a ride right away and she took us to the dunes

    Am        G           C 
And we fell asleep to the sounds of a carnival
       Am      G                C
From a village further down the beach
   Am               G            C           Am
We woke up the next morning on a bed of tiny flowers,
           C                G                C
Packed the tent and went to get somethin' to eat

            Am                               C
We bought a cheap jar of peanut butter and a loaf of fresh white bread,
        Am                                    F                   G
We made sandwiches on the beach; life doesn't get any better than this

   C                               G              Am
We walked in for free to the first castle that we found
       C                        G            Am F
It was empty, it was late, it became our campground
       Am        G           C           F
And we spotted a tent and we met another camper
       Am      G       C
And he told us his sad story--
     Am          G           C            F             Am      G      C
Well he had been dumped by a girl that he loved, but he told us not to worry

        Am                                      C
You can camp anywhere, no one's gonna care; why would they?
"It's not like this at home," we told him, "you know"
             F             G
He said your home's so far away

C                                 G        Am
We went west all the way 'til the land ran out
         C                        G                Am  F
We slept at an empty house in the middle of a tiny town
         Am       G              C               F        Am      G               C
We met a man at a crossroads who said it was his dream to someday come to Bloomington
Am                G             C           F              Am          G          C
We thought it was funny because for you and me, it was our dream to be here in Ireland

He was a big fan of John Melloncamp; 
we told him everything we knew about him
We invited him to come and stay at our house; 
        F                         G
when we got to our stop he didn't want us to get out
              C                                   F  Am

We stayed the night at the house of a guy from Albany
       C                                        Am F
He was glad to meet Americans; he made us spaghetti

    Am       G       C             F             Am         G           C
And we met a man who said he was a doctor and he took us on some of his house calls
   Am            G                 C         F  
He taught us the best way to get a donkey to come to you 
          Am           G            C
is not to pay them any attention at all

      Am                                              C
And I crawled to the edge and peeked over my head and looked down to the sea
       Am                                       F                  G
It was two thousand feet to the water below; it looked so blue, it looked so deep

          C            F                Am          C
And don't ever let 'em tell you that it rains in Ireland
C                     F               G                  C
Well if they tell you that you can be sure they've never been
           C             F               Am               C
'Cause the sun is always shinin' and the hills are always green
        C                 F           G            C
And the people are always smilin' and offerin' you drinks

G - Am - G

     C                                          Am
We'd set up our tent on the cliffs right by the sea
       C                                      Am  F
Almost every night and the waves rocked us to sleep

  Am           G             C           F
A postman from Wales and his friend from England
          Am           G           C
Bought us fries at the westernmost pub
Am          G            C           F
We sat with them and two others we'd met
           Am          G           C
And we all watched the postman get drunk

       Am                                 C
And at first the Burren might seem like a waste land of broken stones
Am                                          F                 G
Look in the cracks and you'll see there's a secret there that grows
    C                  G                Am
And Galway City really feels a lot like home
       C            G                Am F
We went through Connemara and up to Sligo

    Am            G                  C   F
And at the Slieve League we couldn't see anything;
      Am        G              C
We decided that we should turn back
    Am          G             C                 F
The mist was so thick that we couldn't find our feet
        Am               G         C
And the trail was called Deadman's Pass

Am                                                 C
On one side it was three thousand feet down to the ocean
The other was two thousand feet to the ground
    F                   G
And anyway our time was running out

    C                         G           Am
And we crossed the country in less than a day
    C                   G                 Am   F
Our last ride to Dublin asked us the same things

     Am          G       C        F
They asked if we had any kin from Ireland;
          Am             G       C
They were surprised when we said no
       Am            G                C              F
When I said I didn't drink and hadn't tried Guinness yet
              Am            G            C
They were the first ones to say, "way to go"

    Am                           C
And as our ferry was leaving the Emerald Isle behind
        Am                       F                G
We were already making our plans to come back sometime

         C             F                Am          C
And don't ever let 'em tell you that it rains in Ireland
     C                F               G                  C
Well if they tell you that you can be sure they've never been
           C             F               Am               C
'Cause the sun is always shinin' and the hills are always green
    C                 F           G            C
And people are always smilin' and offerin' you drinks

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