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Hey Dude Tab

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version 1

Whole song

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I couldn't find an accurate tab for this song anywhere so i've decided to figure it out,
took some time so please don't shoot me down! any corrections/additions to
Enjoy this awesome song by an awesome band

Start by dragging your pick up the low E string towards the body in a slow and steady
Then switch on your wah pedal and have some fun, making sure the strings are completely
On the third beat of the drum playing the low E string slide from 2nd fret to 14th. Then 
unison bending using a loose rhythm:


e ------------------------------------|
b --8------8---8--8--8---8--8---------|
g --10b12--10--9--9--10--9--10p9--9---|
d --------------------------------10--|
a ------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------|


e --11-----11--11--11--11--11--11-------|
b --11-----11--11--11--11--11--11----11-|
g --10b12--10--9---9---10--9---10p9--9--|
d -----------------------------------10-|
a --------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------|


'all I have is all I need, enough for love, enough for greed'

e ----------------|
b ---------3/0----|
g ---------3/0----|
d ---------3/0----|
a ----------------|
E --3/1/8---------|

'I was younger once this guy came to me, told me bout all the honey out there.'

'He said honey, gold, jewels, money, women, wine, cars that shine'

e ----------------------------------------------------------8--8--8--|
b --------3-------------------------------------------------8--8--8--|
g --------3-------------------------------------------------9--9--9--|
d --------3-------------------------------------------------10-10-10-|
a -------------------------------------------------------------------|
E --14/0-------------------------------------------------------------|

'I didn't know what he was taking about but I think I had an idea'

'He said smell the rose, the sweet, sweet rose, cath the sun find where it grows. smell
rose the sweet, sweet rose that grows on castle walls in heaven.'

e ---------------------15--15--15--15h17-----15--15--15--15h17-|
b ---------------------15--15--15--15h17-----15--15--15--15h17-|
g ---------------------15--15--15--15h17-----15--15--15--15h17-|
d -------------------------------------------------------------|
a -------------------------------------------------------------|
E --14/0-------------------------------------------------------|

'In heaven yeah'

-more unison bending

'Well if it taste's like summer...'

e -----------------|
b --11--10--8---10-|
g --12--10--9---10-|
d --12--10--10--10-|
a --10--8---10--8--|
E ----------8------|

'And cath the sun'

e --6----8--|
b --8----10-|
g --6----8--|
d --8----10-|
a --6----8--|
E ----------|

Chorus (play twice)

e --------------6--------6-------|
b --5---6---8---6---10---6---10--|
g --5---5---8---7---10---7---10--|
d --5---7---8---8---10---8---10--|
a --3---5---6---8---8----8---8---|
E --------------6--------6-------|

'I was crossin the city one day...'

e ----------------------------|
b --3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|
g --3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|
d --3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|
a ----------------------------|
E ----------------------------|

'Well if it feels like summer...'

e -----------------|
b --11--10--8---10-|
g --12--10--9---10-|
d --12--10--10--10-|
a --10--8---10--8--|
E ----------8------|

'And cath the sun'

e --6----8--|
b --8----10-|
g --6----8--|
d --8----10-|
a --6----8--|
E ----------|

Chorus (play twice)

e --------------6--------6-------|
b --5---6---8---6---10---6---10--|
g --5---5---8---7---10---7---10--|
d --5---7---8---8---10---8---10--|
a --3---5---6---8---8----8---8---|
E --------------6--------6-------|

'And I can't understand'

e --------|
b --------|
g --------|
d --6---8-|
a --6---8-|
E --4---6-|

'no no no no no...' (play twice)

e -------------|
b -------------|
g --5--3--2----|
d --5--3--2--6-|
a --3--1--0--6-|
E -----------4-|

'When I feel like a man, lookin for honey'

e --------------------------------------------------------------|
b --------------------------------------------------------------|
g -----------------------------------------------------3--------|
d --3h5-3----------------3---------3h5-3------------------------|
a --------5p3/1------3-5---5-4-3---------5p3/1-----3-5---5-4-3--|
E ---------------3-3---------------------------3-3--------------|


e -----------------------------------------------|
b --3-3-3-3-3h5--3b------------------------------|
g --3-3-3-3-3h5--3b------------------------------|
d ---------------------3h5p3---------3-3h5p3-2b3-|
a ---------------------------5---3h5-------------|
E -----------------------------3-----------------|

e -------------------------------------------------------------------|
b -------------------------------------------------------------------|
g ----------15-----------15-----------15-----------15-----------15---|
d --15h17--(17)--15h17--(17)--15h17--(17)--15h17--(17)--15h17--(17)--|
a -------------------------------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------------------------------|

e -------------------------------15----------15----------15----------15--|
b --17--17b18--17--17b18--17h18-(18)--17h18-(18)--17h18-(18)--17h18-(18)-|
g --17--17b18--17--17b18-------------------------------------------------|
d -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
a -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------|

e --------15--------15--18b20-|
b --18b20-----18b20-----------|
g ----------------------------|
d ----------------------------|
a ----------------------------|
E ----------------------------|

'And cath the sun'

e --6----8--|
b --8----10-|
g --6----8--|
d --8----10-|
a --6----8--|
E ----------|

play the chorus riff a few more times ending on the c

e -----
b --5--
g --5--
d --5--
a --3--
E -----
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skux 199 wrote on April 26 2009, 05:33 am

awesome dude, finally rated!

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